As the premier service focused on leveraged loan amendments, FIS LendAmend is where amendments come together.
FIS LendAmend provides systems and administrative support organized to streamline the entire amendment process for the
leveraged loan market. Our solution is the only system in the industry that allows for centralization and standardization of
all amendments in the market.

LendAmend is capable of supporting any type of amendment for all agents and lenders in the US and Europe.
During the past two calendar years, the LendAmend platform facilitated more than 150,000 fund votes totaling $389 Billion
in loan commitments across more than 1,600 loan corporate actions (covenant modifications, waivers, amend-to-extend,
re-pricings, prepayments, and restructurings).

Benefits for Agent Banks

  • Dedicated amendment execution team
  • Real-time reconciliation and dashboard
  • Reduction of costly manual errors
  • Customized process flows
  • Straight-through processing

Benefits for Loan Managers

  • Online execution
  • Enhanced compliance management
  • Tracking of all activities
  • Notifications of upcomings fees
  • Connectivity with trustees

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